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Welcome to Labyrinth Creative Health

The name Labyrinth Creative Health describes the three parts to what it is all about.
Labyrinths are over 2000 years old and the symbol that I use in my logo is based on the seven circuit  Cretan labyrinth, so named because of its association with that island. It comprises of seven concentric circuits, and in fact the oldest of these is curiously to be found carved on a granite piece known as the Hollywood stone, now on display in Dublin’s museum of antiquities. The stone and its seven circuit Cretan design was found on a pilgrims track that wove its way through the Wicklow mountains from Hollywood to the Celtic monastic settlement at Glendalough.

They are known as spiritual meditations, or soulful walkways always leading you by one path to the centre and back out again. Mazes, similar to look at, are quite different, causing you to question which route is correct and which will simply lead you to a dead end.

The seven circuit labyrinth has also been linked to the chakras, which are the seven points of energy that spin throughout the body. These can be regulated to keep the body in balance by using colour or sound and so my logo is coloured in accordance to the colours connected to each chakra.

Creativity is the focus of L.C.H. and the arts are long known to be of great therapeutic value. I work, using this as a means of promoting health and well being as well as using techniques and activities that activate positive outcomes relating to better communication skills, fine tuning motor skills, turn taking skills, assisting people to be more assertive and confident, all through non verbal multi-sensory creative methods. By this I mean that I use music, movement, art and the senses to stimulate these activities to work most successfully. All workshops are facilitated safely in a non therapy fashion though very carefully monitored as emotions can be exposed through the medium of art. Themes are always positive and encouraging and appropriately targeted according to the specific group.

I work with a wide variety of groups, young and old, mainstream and minority groups, corporate teams as well as schools and a variety of organisations. Each workshop is tailor-made to the needs of the group, and I find it useful to meet the groups in advance, where it may be necessary.

 Another part of what I do relates to alternative health and the link to this web page is www.learniet.com/ann_burns.asp


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