Creative Empowerment Workshops
 Help :

  • Encourage Listening and Concentration skills with children and adults through  creative means, as well as identifying their own strengths and weaknesses in this area and help them to focus more where focus is needed.

  • Communicate more effectively through creative / sensory means with children/adults, no matter what the background, or circumstances of the group, learning ability, age or cultural difference.

  • Become more aware of their own self-perception through others’ eyes as well as encouraging self-awareness, esteem and confidence through a variety of creative methods.

  • Encourage & facilitate trust with the participants, though a variety of trust inducing creative activities.

  • Children to develop motor skills and are also very valuable with disabled groups, helping with non verbal communication and externalizing emotions sometimes difficult for them to express.

The value of using art  in group-work shows

  • Visual creativity is a natural human capacity
  • Whatever the ability or disability the person has, they are capable of producing meaningful art
  • When creative juices are released in groups using art, the potential for growth, change & pleasure sharing are limitless
  • It enriches our creative lives
  • It can trigger the potential for self healing
  • It can move us towards envisaging the possibility of making changes within ourselves, our relationships, & with our world in general.

People can learn that these exercises:

  • are not about creating beautiful works of art
  • require no special ability
  • encourage simple mark making
  • encourage people of all backgrounds & denominations to work equally
  • break down barriers of language, race, culture or disability
  • Stimulate choice around the use of materials, encouraging decision-making
  • Help with communicative skills either verbally or non-verbally just feeling comfortable within a group
  • Stimulate self expression
  • Encourage turn-taking
  • Assist sensory development
  • Connect people with visual images, stimulating memory
  • Improve motor skills
  • Take people out of their own negative thoughts
  • Develop imagination

These workshops are facilitated safely in a non therapy fashion though very carefully monitored as emotions can be exposed through the medium of art. Themes are always positive and encouraging and appropriately targeted according to the specific group.


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