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List of Workshops – Recently facilitated.
Cork City Council – Libraries pr
ogramme. Working with autistic children workshop for interactive sensory workshop. Most recently: Bishopstown Library with St Gabriels Autism Unit, Douglas Library with St Colombas Autism Unit and City Library with Scoil Bernadette from Cope, Montonotte (A Rainbow of Learning) Book– Ongoing arrangement 2008

Rapid / Community Development Programme/ Shine – Creative Development Programme with Autistic Children & Teenagers 2008/2009/2010

Cork City Partnership full day training course with childcare workers in developing new skills through creativity. Nov 07

Cork City Partnership- Evening workshop working with parents from disadvantaged areas to developing new skills with their children through creativity. Oct 08

Currently facilitating FETAC Art / Design module in Castletownroche with IWA group In association with BTEI Mallow Reference Brendan Glynn

Grenagh – Youth Group – Local Mosaic
This was a small project working with children from my local village, developing a small neglected corner with a colourful mosaic using recycled tiles from people in the area.

Marymount Hospice – Day Centre / V.E.C. – Contact Theresa Loxton

This was a 10 week programme, developed for the day patients at St Patricks Hospice We worked primarily on creating full blown stretched canvases for the decoration of the walls of the hospice, encouraging those who had never painted before to create pieces of beauty, valued by all.

Cork City Council – Libraries: Hollyhill, Mayfield & Tory Top Libraries / Bealtaine Festival – Contact Patricia Looney / Breda Hassett

These three workshops were sponsored by C.C.C. to encourage creative empowerment in the community, working with a mix of groups from young to old, and I used mask making techniques, group painting projects and ceramics to achieve this

Cork City Council – Enable Ireland – An Oige, Hollyhill Youth Project. Contact P. Looney / B. Hassett
This was a one day creative workshop sponsored by Cork City Council highlighting the need for awareness in the local community between a variety of youth groups. The two groups worked on one piece which finished up as a dragon and was completed in its entirety by the young people. Popular music and movement played a vital role in the success of this workshop attempting to reach the youths at a level recognisable to them in their own worlds.

Altrusa / V.E.C. – Student Open Day. Contact Brid Murphy
This was a one-day event co-ordinated by Altrusa, Corks adult literacy scheme. It hosted a number of workshops, including personal development, creative writing & arts and empowerment. I facilitated a group of ten people to explore there own creativity through mask making and group co-operation.

Newbury Arts Centre – Outdoor Tile & Sensory Garden Workshop. Contact Louise Foott
This was a project co- facilitated by the Newbury Arts Centre, Mayfield, Cork. It was a group created partly by my own Enable Ireland group & some local participants from the community. It was about each participant creating a tile of clay as part of a wall to be created for a sensory garden on site.

Gurranabraher Youth Development Project – U4EA Contact Sylvia Matthews
This was a short workshop aimed at teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16. I worked on the theme of confidence building and awareness around themselves as individuals and making their own decisions.

Sardinian Youth Workers – Enable Ireland – Transnational Exchange
This was a creative workshop, which I gave as part of a cultural exchange between the two mentioned groups. The youth workers had no experience of disability and little awareness. The themes were based around this and showing how we can all be equal despite our apparent or visual disguises. This was also a creative workshop making good use of traditional music from both countries.

Belarussian Orphanage Project – E. Ireland. Local & National Arts Conference.
These projects were probably my most interesting challenges as far as the creative process goes. The first was a week long conference that I gave to 40 teachers at one of the most well known, but least supported orphanages in Belarus. All participants were only russian speaking, and mostly over 40. I had the use of an interpreter and this is how the whole week was conducted. The idea behind the conference was to heighten the awareness of the teachers around the value of each and every child. Each was full of creativity, and merely needed better facilitation to promote this. Most of the activities as a result were aimed at enlightening the teachers about their own inner creativity so that they in turn could better facilitate the kids. It was such a wonderful experience that I was further invited to host a national event inv

iting representatives from all over Belarus.


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