An Outline
For every group or team situation regardless of the school, company or organisation involved, the following are essential criteria for a team to work cohesively.

• Good communication is a necessity in order for things to run as they should, but this can be a tall order for some of the less verbal amongst us.

• A team will work efficiently if they have the belief that they can achieve the goals laid out for them. This can only happen if they have confidence in themselves; their supervisors or superiors should also emulate this.

• Workers need to be valued. Windows need to be opened between management and staff in both directions breaking down barriers and creating new and alternative solutions to problems.

Training in a creative manner helps people to break away from the work model and interact under a more social model structure, not normally provided within an employment setting. People are automatically put more at ease within this environment, as it is something that we can identify from our social lives.

Within every group there exists an assortment of characters. There will be leaders, organizers, loners, team players and people who are very resourceful. There will also be non-conformists and those who will try to upset the balance. In every group you will always find the quiet people who will try to get along with everyone and will never voice their opinion. All these people form the workforces we have around us today.

So, with this diversity, how can we manage to make them work efficiently in even the most difficult work environments?

Through this work with many varied groups and using this knowledge, there is a unique reaction from people working at all levels when they work with creative methods to assist with problem solving. These have ranged from helping children with low self-esteem to building bridges between groups of leaders by breaking down language barriers.

Some of the activities presented to groups are simply fun based and merely bring everyone to the same level. It gives everyone permission to play and not to be judged by others around them. Once a group has been established and become more at ease in a non-work setting it is then possible to address some of the issues as identified by the group themselves.

The concept behind this training is simple. It has been established to nourish the inherent creativity in us all, often quashed by the ever-accelerating lifestyle of the 21st century. It brings us back to an uninhibited time in our lives and breaks down barriers within communities of groups from varying backgrounds, encouraging better communication & confidence building skills.

The achievable objectives are as follows:

• To encourage better communication skills between employees & create understanding between groups/departments

• To assist less verbal people in voicing their opinions

• To open a doorway between management & staff

• To create alternative routes in problem solving

Once the aims and objectives are clear, a target group can then be identified.

This is all-important. This method will be successful with whatever group is chosen, however size is an important factor to consider. It is important not to work with one department alone, if the group is so large that it needs to be split. Always mix abilities, people in different positions & at different levels of management. Everyone needs to be involved for this to work; otherwise it creates divides. So, if a two/three day programme needs to run in order to maintain business, it is essential to include a cross section. The team will work as a team if they are treated as a team!

The work is interactive and self explanatory, but each activity is designed to assist with all areas of communication and group work. It is multi-sensory and all creative. It is a day long process, with icebreakers, core activities and an in depth evaluation at the finish. If you are looking for a new innovative method with which to look at ways to improve the dynamics within a group maybe this is for you.


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